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Experts predict mobile phone trends for 2010

Experts predict mobile phone trends for 2010

Analyst firm KPMG has published research suggesting that mobile users will make a greater number of small payments for digital downloads and mobile services over the next 12 months, with more eBooks bought for smartphones and a 25 per cent growth in the revenue generated by app markets.

The research was commissioned as part of the Business Confidence Index (BCI), which is compiled annually on behalf of the Mobile Entertainment Forum.

The forum's chair Andrew Bud said that "81 per cent of respondents report that their actual performance for the last quarter was either better than or in line with budget and viewed alongside the consistent and significant market growth predictions being made by our industry is very positive news as we move into a new year."

Android Market is set to make significant gains, clawing back market share from Apple's App Store and according to the research many more people will purchase novels to view on their mobile phones in 2010.

Other predictions made by KPMG include the news that simplified content delivery systems will offer richer media to mobile users and subscription-based services will become more common as developers and media outlets attempt to further monetise the app market.

As a result of in-app payments, stiff regulation will be required to ensure that users are not being charged without their complete consent.

Augmented reality apps are also set to grow and improve and 3D could even make its way onto mobile screens. All of these services will, of course, place more emphasis on data usage and stringent download limits may be imposed by overwhelmed networks failing to find adequate resources to deal with the dramatic increase in demand.

KPMG's Mark Harding added: "Applications have developed considerably as a driver of growth over the past six months, illustrating the dynamism of this new business model for monetising mobile content. Overall, these are very positive findings following a necessary period of adjustment and refocus."

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