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  5. Fresh rumours of iPhone 4.0 – Get ‘em while they are hot

Fresh rumours of iPhone 4.0 – Get ‘em while they are hot

The rumour-machine has gone into overdrive as Apple announced an invite-only product event on January 27th – which many observers in the industry believe to be the day the Apple’s much anticipated iSlate tablet will be unveiled as well as next version of the iPhone OS.

Some Apple watchers are suggesting the tablet itself will incorporate a new version of the iPhone OS that will give developers some options to create applications that scale appropriately across both devices.

iphone os4

Although nothing has been confirmed by Apple, inside sources cited by Boy Genius Report claim iPhone 4.0 will support ‘multi-touch gestures’ throughout the OS and the ability to run apps in the background, which suggests some form of multitasking, as well as tweaks to the user interface to improve navigation of the OS.

Of course, these are still rumours so take them with a grain of salt. Apple may very well resist adding multitasking capabilities until the next iteration of the iPhone. However, we can’t help but feel excited for the possibilities. The current version of the iPhone OS is starting to show its limitations thanks to the innovations and functionalities brought forth by the Palm Pre and most recently Google’s Nexus One.

It's just not the Apple way to just sit idly by and we are eager to see what next week brings from the Cupertino-based giant.

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