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  5. Guardian iPhone app hits 70,000 downloads

Guardian iPhone app hits 70,000 downloads

Guardian iPhone app hits 70,000 downloads

Although it is only a few weeks old, the Guardian app for the iPhone and iPod Touch has already attracted thousands of fans and made its creators hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The app is available to download in Canada, Australia and Europe and the average iPhone owner has rated it with four and a half stars.

Its stellar sales have also been impressive, bumping it straight to the top of the charts for most popular paid-for current affairs app.

A spokesperson for the Guardian media group said that consumers were responding well to the new app and that initial sales had exceeded their expectations.

They also said that users were impressed with the amount of room for expansion that had been built into the app, making new services and content available as its operators require.

The Guardian app was made available in mid December last year and was developed by 2Ergo. The group behind the newspaper and its online subsidiaries is looking to expand its customer base to other regions of the world, as well as providing former UK residents with the chance to keep up to date with current affairs from a brand they trust.

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