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iPhone 4G release date brought forward?

iPhone 4G release date brought forward?

Although many had predicted that Apple would launch the follow up to the iPhone 3G S in June this year, some are now claiming that an Apple analyst who predicted the release of the Nexus One in May has caused the manufacturer to speed up the development process and release the iPhone 4G at around the same time.

This latest rumour about release dates for the iPhone 4G follows hot on the heels of continuing speculation about the technical enhancements and software functions that the new smartphone will include.

The source of the latest murmurs can be traced to a French technology site called Here it is claimed that Apple was lead to believe the Google Nexus One would be made available in mid 2010 and as a result it then planned to launch its own smartphone at the same time.

Many have reacted with scepticism to this news, with the idea of Apple getting a rival's release date so wrong proving to be rather difficult to swallow for most.

Whether the rumour is true or not, it can be added to the wildly wishful thinking that is being generated by the daily updates on the iPhone 4G.

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