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iPhone app makes mittens obsolete

iPhone app makes mittens obsolete

Pocketheat is the new application for iPhone owners with poor circulation, no central heating or an aversion to woollen mittens. It has been created in order to turn the iPhone into a miniature heat emitting device, although it might just be a quirky bit of fun rather than an effective tool for giving off warmth.

Pocketheat fills the screen with a graphic that makes it look like a bar heater and has a dial at the bottom which can be increased or decreased to provide varying amounts of heat, at least in theory.

It works by running a process that uses up 100 per cent of the iPhone's processing power when it is turned up to full, which will certainly warm up the smartphone itself and could keep any hand which is pressed against the screen a little warmer.

People who have, quite literally, got their hands on the app have said that it works, in as much as the iPhone gets hot and your hands can benefit from the warmth if they are constantly clutching the phone, but it is not going to replace the good old fashioned glove.

It is also likely that by running the CPU on full whack the battery life of the iPhone will be diminished significantly.

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