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Jewel-encrusted Nokia phone created

Jewel-encrusted Nokia phone created

A heavily modified version of the Nokia 8800 has arrived and with its platinum case and diamond detailing it will set you back a little under £100,000.

Jeweller Stuart Hughes has made the new mobile phone, which is being called the Nokia Supreme, using 83g of platinum and over 1,200 pink crystals.

Even the navigation pad has been given the bling treatment with a three carat diamond replacing the plastic of the original mobile.

People who keep a close eye on the vulgar creations which are frequently found arriving on the mobile marketplace will be aware that Hughes was also behind the iPhone 3G S Supreme which is worth nearly £2 million.

If you have a bit of spare change kicking around in your mansion, you might be enticed by the Nokia Supreme. Only three are being made, which adds exclusivity to its insane price.

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