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LG looks to Android for sales boom

LG looks to Android for sales boom

LG is looking to expand its smartphone market share and increase sales of phones in 2010 by some 20 per cent by committing to the Android software platform.

LG is currently the third largest mobile manufacturer in the world, although its position in the smartphone market has been compromised by the likes of Apple and Research in Motion (RIM).

In 2009, LG sales made up ten per cent of the mobile market and it hopes to expand on the final figure of 117 million this year.

A South Korean analyst said that while LG should be able to meet its growth targets, it might fare better at the lower end of the market.

LG's mobile Chief Executive Officer Skott Ahn said that he was aware that their previous business model, which relied upon technology packed phones rather than software, would no longer cut it in today's market.

Mr Ahn said that co-operation between manufacturers and network providers was needed to ensure success.

He also said that LG would no longer be developing its own mobile operating systems in house and would be looking to Google Android and Windows Mobile in 2010.

LG has announced plans to release 20 smartphones this year, of which over 50 per cent will make use of Android.

Ben Wood, who heads up consultancy at analyst firm CSS Insight, said that with the Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms currently being redeveloped for reboots later in the year, Android was the only complete platform that manufacturers could rely on.

Many believe that the release of the Nexus One could have altered the level of support given to Android by manufacturers who were thinking about supporting the platform and LG was keen to assert its commitment to Windows Mobile and Microsoft which it cemented in a deal in early 2009.

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