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Microsoft's Bing could grace iPhone

Microsoft's Bing could grace iPhone

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft is an old one, but it seems as though the threat posed by Android and the inadequacies of Windows Mobile in its current form could lead to an unlikely partnership of Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Bing search tool.

The emergence of Android as a real rival to Apple in the mobile market and its undoubted superiority over Microsoft's mobile operating system has made rumours that the two firms are negotiating a deal to make Bing the iPhone's default search provider seem all the more plausible.

Google has so far been fairly successful in transferring its dominance of the desktop search market over to mobile phones, but Microsoft looks as though it is going to try and curb this growth by implanting its own brand of mobile search engine on one of the world's most successful smartphone platforms that just happens to be owned by Apple.

Business Week has been the main source of the rumours and it bases its predictions on the fact that there is still intense fighting over the mobile internet market because of the potential advertising revenues that could be gained by the victor.

Experts believe that even if Bing does appear on the iPhone, it could well be there for a brief period. The lack of an in-house search brand has left Apple looking to Microsoft as the acceptable face of the competition in the war against Google.

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