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ModeLabs to launch Versace phones

ModeLabs to launch Versace phones

ModeLabs, which has already come up with luxury mobile phones for Christian Dior and Tag Heuer, has said that it will be working with Versace on a whole range of designer mobiles for release at some point in the spring of 2010.

There have been mobile phone spin-offs from leading fashion houses for many years, with the LG Prada examples being among the most successful to date, although no fashion house has ever committed itself to creating a whole range of mobiles.

As yet neither Versace or ModeLabs has publicised prices or technical specifications for the proposed range, but it is not hard to imagine that high quality materials and equally high price tags will accompany the Versace brand into the mobile market.

Versace plans to offer its upcoming mobile phone range from its retail outlets in the world's most fashion-conscious cities in the first half of 2010, so keep your eyes on London if the whole fashion phone genre catches your interest.

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