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  5. New RAC app fights traffic congestion

New RAC app fights traffic congestion

New RAC app fights traffic congestion

The RAC Traffic application, which has been developed for smartphones using Google Android as well as the Apple iPhone, will help users navigate around areas of heavy traffic in conjunction with Google Maps.

The app can overlay maps to highlight any area where road users are bottlenecked, giving users estimates as to where the traffic starts and ends.

In addition it has live update features that can provide information about the local surroundings, along with coverage of the latest state of the traffic on the roads.

Roads of all sizes are covered and as users zoom in they can obtain further details relating to the cause of the traffic or any other related incidents that may have occurred.

A spokesperson for the RAC said that it "is a natural companion for motorists who frequently feel thwarted by the growing problem of congestion on the UK's roads".

You can download the RAC Traffic app free of charge from the Android Market or the iPhone's App Store and it does a good job of emulating the capabilities of the premium navigation apps that are currently available for the two platforms.

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