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  5. Nokia exceeds mobile internet user target

Nokia exceeds mobile internet user target

Nokia exceeds mobile internet user target

Over 86 million people now make use of Nokia's various internet services offered via their mobile phones, which has allowed the company to surpass the target of 80 million that it had been attempting to break by the end of 2009.

Nokia displayed the news of its success at its headquarters and at other locations around the world, after which internal sources at the company released details to the media.

Nokia has already set another target that it hopes to achieve by 2011, with plans to provide 300 million customers with online services, resulting in revenues of nearly £1.8 billion.

A Nokia executive spoke in December 2009 of his confidence in the firm's ability to reach targets far earlier than anticipated and said that he expected the services turnover to reach £1.8 billion a year before the deadline.

John Strand, Chief Executive Officer of consultancy firm Strand Consult, said that Nokia's main barrier would be getting more of its 1.1 billion customers into the habit of paying for content and services.

At this point in time Nokia has comparatively little contact with its users, whereas competitors Apple and Google have built their business models around a high degree of interaction between customer and corporation.

Nokia's services hit several speed bumps last year, after its Ovi Store failed to garner support following its initial launch in the summer. Meanwhile, October saw the announcement of the impending closure of its gaming service.

Nokia hopes that two thirds of its sales will be generated by music and navigation services.

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