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Nokia to announce new smartphone

Nokia to announce new smartphone

In what seems to be an attempt to take the wind out of Apple's sails, Nokia has revealed that it will be launching a brand new mobile on January 26th, which is one day before the new tablet from Apple is set to hit the world stage.

Mark Loughran, who heads Nokia's UK operations, told tech site Pocket Lint that the launch would be going ahead during the recent event at which Nokia announced that it would be providing free turn-by-turn navigation for its Ovi Maps application.

Sadly Mr Loughran was silenced before he could give away any technical details relating to the new mobile, but it seems that the wait for further information will not be a long one.

Speculation about the new phone is virtually impossible, as the Nokia portfolio contains phones of all types, catering to all price ranges.

It would seem that to really detract from Apple's impact, something pretty special is required, but this could of course be simply a marketing ploy to piggyback on the interest surrounding Apple's new product.

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