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  5. Nokia wins one of its patent battles

Nokia wins one of its patent battles

Nokia wins one of its patent battles

The High Court in London has cleared Nokia of patent infringement charges which had been brought against it by German firm IPCom after three years of legal conflict.

The court decided that Nokia was in the right because IPCom's patents were not valid, although Nokia is unlikely to celebrate too vigorously as it is still entangled with Apple in the US over further patent-related issues.

A licensing deal had been under negociation when a communications breakdown led to the patent dispute.

IPCom claimed that Nokia was infringing upon its patents and Nokia was eventually able to convince the High Court that the patents themselves were invalid.

The technology covered by the patents was based on the networking standards used to facilitate wireless connectivity in mobile phones.

IPCom was subjected to a legal confrontation in the UK after its own attempts to use the German legal system to rectify its issues with Nokia.

Despite this recent victory, the two firms have yet more court time to face later in 2010 when suits and counter suits are played out.

A partner at Norton Rose said: "This should give encouragement to Nokia and other defendants that a court as highly regarded as the English patent court has made this ruling."

He also noted that with varying European jurisdictions taken into account this legal battle could continue across various international stages.

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