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O2 sidesteps Nexus One questions

O2 sidesteps Nexus One questions

It has already been announced that Vodafone will be the first UK network to offer Google's Nexus One to consumers, but in response to the launch, rival network O2 has released a somewhat convoluted statement explaining its position.

O2 already stocks the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre and it said that it welcomed the news of the Nexus One since it was aware that innovation and evolution could change consumers' mobile usage habits quickly and permanently.

It also said that it had not made any commitment to offer the Nexus One in the near future, but that expansion of its current product range would be ongoing.

It looks as though O2 is covering all its bases and being rather cagey about its intentions. Obviously the Nexus One is a rival to the iPhone and the Pre, but there is no reason that stocking all three would be damaging to O2's business.

Observers have suggested that there is a possibility of the Nexus One appearing on O2's network in the future, basing their predictions on the fact that a Google spokesperson referred to the 3G network capabilities of O2 and Orange in the EU.

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