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  5. Phishing app sneaks onto Android Market

Phishing app sneaks onto Android Market

According to reports, the malicious app was disguised as mobile banking applications. Developed by one Droid09, said scumware was being used to phish for bank details and personal gen.

The attack apparently occurred during December but has only come to light in fraud alerts issued by First Tech Credit Union, which it hastens was unaffected by the potential breach.

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We’ve yet to find out if anyone fell prey to the attack. But the fact that nefarious sorts are targeting app markets is a pretty dispiriting development all round. Not just for Android Market, the exponential growth of which in the last few months or so is surely down to its Open Source nature, but for us too.

After all, the last thing anyone wants is for Google to go all iPhone App Store on us and introduced an unwieldy approval policy. But, make no mistake, that’s what’ll happen if we get more attacks like this.

If you think it's likely that you've been affected, it's recommended that you uninstall the apps and contact your network provider and bank sharpish.

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