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Pop-powered mobile phone created

Pop-powered mobile phone created

Korean firm Pantec has followed plans drawn out by Chinese phone designer Daizi Zheng and built the world's first mobile phone that can draw power from a fizzy soft drink.

While most mobile phones rely on Li-ion batteries, this phone aims to be far greener and uses a biological battery that generates power by breaking down the sugary beverages.

The process involves enzymes and is based on a procedure currently used with ethanol. Pouring a sweet drink into the phone, which is sensibly shaped like a test tube, could triple or quadruple the battery time once it has been charged.

According to its designer the phone was commissioned by Nokia, but the Finnish firm has denied all knowledge of the project. The Fizzy Phone seems far more suited to Pantec's line up, which includes a musical multi-tasker called the JamBand.

This touchscreen handset can be used to simulate piano, drums, guitar and even the flute. The JamBand comes complete with a contoured undercarriage to make sure it can be held easily when the owner is thrashing away on one of its many instruments.

The JamBand is already available in Korea, but it is unlikely to make an appearance in the UK market.

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