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Profanities filtered by Nexus One

Profanities filtered by Nexus One

Profane language is being automatically filtered by the Nexus One on its messaging services for both inbound and outbound correspondence, it has emerged.

The Nexus One comes with a built in text-to-speech function that can read out texts and emails to the user, but any swearwords are automatically censored and replaced with hashes.

Google has said that the main reason behind the censorship was that it did not want to have the Nexus One accidentally misreading certain words and swearing out loud, especially when the content of the message might be completely innocent.

At the moment there is no way to remove the filter, even if you want to, although with given the resourcefulness of the Android community out there, it is reasonable to assume that there will be a hack available in the near future.

Given that Google is currently in a row with the Chinese authorities over censorship of its search results, this inclusion on one of its own products is a little odd although it is perhaps too early to start pointing fingers and talking of ######## hypocrisy.

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