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Refunds after Nexus One price cuts

Refunds after Nexus One price cuts

People purchasing the Nexus One as part of a pay monthly contract on T-Mobile in America are now paying less than those who bought it on its release just over a week ago, although refunds for early adopters are on the way to make up the difference.

The subsidised price with a contract is around £110, but upgrading customers had to pay £230 for the Nexus One.

This left them just £100 short of the full price, although this has since been cut to around £170, resulting in the deficit being covered in refunds.

Such swift price cuts will hopefully be carried over to the UK release that Vodafone will be offering in a few weeks' time.

However, there could be interesting motives behind the early price cuts, with recent criticism of Google for the RRP of the Nexus One combining with poor first week sales to paint a slightly negative picture for the much anticipated mobile phone.

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