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Retro games hit Palm Pre

Retro games hit Palm Pre

After a Palm Pre update was released that gave app developers various improvements, allowing them to make the most of the handset's visual capabilities, classic first person shooters Doom and Quake have been ported to the powerful multi-tasking smartphone.

In their current incarnations, both games are playable using the touchscreen interface as well as the QWERTY keypad for certain actions and Doom is running smoothly, although relying on the touchscreen to aim results in a significant proportion of the screen becoming obscured by your thumb.

Quake looks a little jumpy based on the YouTube video of the Pre gameplay, although this could be ironed out if later releases are made available.

The likelihood is that the original creators of the two games, id Software, will quickly intervene and get the free apps pulled.

Versions of these classic games have already been removed from the Android Market because of copyright infringement and there is no reason that webOS versions should not suffer the same fate.

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