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Social networking on mobile phones soars

Social networking on mobile phones soars

Twitter use by mobile users has shot up recently, a new study shows, with Facebook also seeing substantial but less significant gains than its micro-blogging stable mate.

Software firm Opera's statistics are based on data harvested from mobile users using the popular Opera Mini web browser and they serve to give a small glimpse at the mobile trends that are currently hot.

A major boost to Twitter has come from the Russian market, which some consider to slightly bias the results, but the power of the world's two largest social networking sites is undeniable.

Although Facebook has not grown as dramatically over the last few weeks as Twitter, with a 618 per cent usage jump in 2009, it is still at the top of the tables in terms of overall popularity. Twitter has been growing at a staggering rate, with a 3000 per cent usage increase.

Myspace is still strong, although Twitter has now overtaken it in the popularity charts. If Opera's findings are representative of the market as a whole, it seems that Twitter could soon be worrying Facebook.

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