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Symbian S^4 interface update revealed

Symbian S^4 interface update revealed

Nokia plans to release smartphones running the latest Symbian operating system this year and more news about the overhauled platform has emerged, with particular emphasis on the user interface.

The visual style of the current Symbian smartphones offered by Nokia has been thrown out in favour of something that is far more in line with current trends being set by Android and the iPhone.

The Symbian homescreen will now have miniature customisable widgets that can be dragged around the screen by hand. Symbian S4 will also focus on freeing up system memory rather than loading it down with needlessly open programs, which should help to enhance the performance of any phones using it.

Simplification seems to be the most appropriate way in which to describe the ethos surrounding the new menu system, which will have just four elements in its basic form. It seems that the new version of Symbian will also have a more unified look throughout its various menus and applications.

When anyone will actually get their hands on a smartphone running Symbian S4 is another matter, although it looks as though Nokia is confident that it will offer both Maemo 5 and Symbian-based mobile phones this year.

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