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Windows Mobile 7 rumours return

Windows Mobile 7 rumours return

Although some believe that the first batch of Windows Mobile 7-based smartphone will arrive in 2011, optimistic insiders are predicting the 2010 launch of some devices based on Microsoft's next generation operating system.

It was reported recently that manufacturers would be given the software in September of this year, but according tech site CNET that date could jump forward to some point in the summer, which would make a late-2010 arrival of the first smartphones to use the platform quite likely.

Microsoft will be looking to create a more unified, multi-platform experience with WinMo 7, drawing in its other services, including the Zune media player and the Xbox Live gaming network in order to appeal to a wider audience.

The events of the next few weeks will be critical in determining just when WinMo 7 will make its debut and with slightly contradictory news emanating from various sources online, it is probably best to wait until the Mobile World Conference before a further assessment of the facts.

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