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  5. Windows Mobile to get Xbox Live support

Windows Mobile to get Xbox Live support

Windows Mobile to get Xbox Live support

Microsoft has advertised for a software programmer to lead a new project that will aim to create a version of the Xbox Live gaming service for its Windows Mobile platform.

In order to keep up with the current trends in gaming it will be looking to implement a similar system to that currently in use on the Xbox 360 console, but in mobile phone form. This will mean that users will be able to create avatars, unlock achievements and socialise with fellow mobile gamers using the service.

It is probable that the Windows Mobile version of Xbox Live will be fully compatible with Microsoft's Live Anywhere service which allows users to track their friends' playing habits across multiple platforms. Downloads are also likely to become part of the service, with users able to purchase fun apps using Microsoft Points.

Experts believe that the new job and the promise of a brand new mobile gaming and download service is part of Microsoft's plan to compete with Apple in the mobile market, although rumours of a Microsoft-designed and produced phone based on its Zune media players and social networking services have been dismissed.

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