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Windows Mobile update possible

Windows Mobile update possible

Windows Mobile 6.6, which will also be known as Maldives, could be the latest stopgap platform from Microsoft designed to tide over manufacturers and consumers until it is able to get Windows Mobile 7 finished.

LG had said that it would be showcasing smartphones based on Windows Mobile 7 at the Mobile World Conference in a few weeks time, but with the release date slipping back into 2011 this looks unlikely.

It is expected that Windows Mobile Maldives will be gracing the event, although no details as to what the software will actually offer have as yet been made public.

It is expected that Microsoft will be working on its platform in order to make it more of a rival to Google's Android and Apple's iPhone operating systems.

This could entail full support for multi-touch capacitive display technology, although HTC managed to modify Windows Mobile 6.5 to offer this on the HD2.

It is hoped that Microsoft will finally be able to remove the necessity for a stylus with the update by creating menus and icons which are better suited to fingertip inputs.

Microsoft has not responded to questions about the impending availability of Windows Mobile Maldives, so everyone will have to wait until the Mobile World Congress in February to find out.

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