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  5. XPERIA X2 kicked from Vodafone line up

XPERIA X2 kicked from Vodafone line up

XPERIA X2 kicked from Vodafone line up

After failing to make its intended launch date last October, the delayed Xperia X2 smartphone from Sony Ericsson has suffered another setback after Vodafone announced that it would no longer be offering the phone to UK customers upon its launch.

The X2, which will make use of Windows Mobile 6.5, was set to be exclusively available on Vodafone, but it seems that the persistent slipping of its launch date has caused Vodafone to back out of the deal.

A spokesperson for the network said that the X2 could no longer find a place in the upcoming line up of smartphones, which will include the iPhone as well as Google's Nexus One.

Sony Ericsson said that prolonged and extensive testing had been the cause of the delays to the Xperia X2's release and it also expressed its disappointment that UK customers would not be able to purchase the X2.

Another factor behind the X2's disappearance could be that Sony Ericsson is already working on an Android-based follow up, the X10 which it hopes to launch next month.

Experts believe that Sony Ericsson will be more successful if they continue to develop their Android smartphones, as thus far Windows Mobile has not generated a hit for the firm.

It is expected that the Xperia X10 could feature in Vodafone's range of smartphones as it is more in line with the type of products that the network has committed to offering.

Industry analyst Carolina Milanesi said that Sony Ericsson would benefit from committing to a single mobile operating system, rather than attempting to create Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile-based devices.

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