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Adult iPhone app store planned

Adult iPhone app store planned

Much media interest was generated earlier this week when it emerged that Apple was kicking many apps, that it deemed sexually explicit or inappropriate, from the iPhone App Store. A solution may now be at hand.

Reports are suggesting that Apple may resolve the issue by producing a section specifically for saucier apps.

App developers noticed that a section called 'Apps Store: Explicit' had popped up on the developer site where apps are submitted for approval or rejection, although this category has not yet been made available to iPhone users for downloads.

However, just as quickly as the explicit tag appeared, it was pulled, suggesting that it was a slip-up on the part of Apple, which could well be in the process of creating the restricted apps section, but is not actually ready to tell the world about it.

Unsubstantiated rumours have suggested that an Apple employee contacted a developer to explain that there was no definitive plan for an explicit app store in the near future, but that the idea was not ruled out completely.

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