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  5. Android apps boosted by new Myriad software

Android apps boosted by new Myriad software

Android apps boosted by new Myriad software

The Dalvik engine that powers software applications for Google's Android platform is getting overhauled and adorned with a Turbo suffix by its developers at Myriad software, ultimately resulting in faster, more complex apps being created.

Myriad says that its improvements will make apps run more efficiently, which will save on battery, whilst also allowing for advanced graphics for mobile games on Android.

Myriad's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Simon Wilkinson said: "By bringing together Myriad's heritage in virtual machines and Linux platforms we have been able to significantly improve the performance of Android handsets, leading to a greatly enhanced user experience with richer applications and games and improved responsiveness."

Myriad has shown that the new Dalvik Turbo engine is easily installed on untested Android-based smartphones in a matter of minutes.

With support for processor chips produced by all of the major manufacturers, there is no reason that older Android smartphones will not be able to benefit in the future.

Further demonstrations of the Dalvik Turbo are expected to take place during the Mobile World Congress 2010, which is kicking off in just a few days in Barcelona, Spain.

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