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Android Google Earth app previewed

Android Google Earth app previewed

The Google Earth app for Android was announced back when the Nexus One was launched in January 2010, but now Google has provided even more information about the upcoming program.

The Google Earth app will allow for full 3D navigation of the entire world, just like the desktop version. Zooming and scrolling around the planet will be performed using touch sensitive controls for intuitive interaction.

iPhone owners will already have been enjoying the Google Earth app on their mobiles for some time, although it has been said that there are several improvements present in the Android version, as you might expect.

One augmentation is the option to view a hybrid map, which adds in a Roads layer, complete with names and outlines of the routes on show.

Google Earth for Android has other features, including voice-activated navigation. You need only say the name of the city or landmark you want to view and the software will bring it up for you.

Voice control is also extended across all search functions, allowing you to search for restaurants within a certain location by saying 'restaurants in London'. The app will do the rest of the work for you.

The Google Earth app is only available on smartphones running Android 2.1 for the time being, which means that Nexus One owners will be enjoying it long before anyone else. However, many mobiles are set to be upgraded to 2.1 in the near future, so the wait for Google Earth should not be excessive.

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