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  5. Barcode firm gets Motorola investment

Barcode firm gets Motorola investment

Barcode firm gets Motorola investment

Motorola has revealed that it has invested in barcode scanning firm Scanbuy, following the lead of Microsoft and others also looking to capitalise of this emerging industry.

Scanbuy's service allows firms to run a barcode-based ad campaign, with 2D barcodes created in order to allow mobile customers to snap them using a Scanbuy app and then find out further information via their mobile's network connection.

The current Scanbuy app has been ported to a variety of popular smartphone platforms including Android, Symbian and the iPhone OS.

Third-party scanning apps that are designed to be able to read all barcodes on standard consumer products are already available on the Android Market and the App Store, with the technology also searching for the related product online, although these have yet to be perfected.

By investing in Scanbuy, Motorola is going up against Microsoft, which already has the Microsoft Tag business up and running with specially designed barcodes presented with adverts and compatible with an app for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile-based smartphones.

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