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BBC iPhone app plans hit roadblock

BBC iPhone app plans hit roadblock

The Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA) has reacted to plans for iPhone apps from the BBC, claiming these will put unsustainable pressure on commercial media firms.

The NPA has said that it will be involving the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in its concerns and could move to block the BBC's apps from ever making it to the App Store.

The BBC News and BBC Sport apps were only announced at the Mobile World Congress earlier this week, offering users across multiple smartphone platforms free access to multimedia content, from breaking news to the 2010 World Cup.

The NPA has responded to the news by claiming that commercial news firms will suffer as a result of the apps.

Group director David Newell said: "Not for the first time, the BBC is preparing to muscle into a nascent market and trample over the aspirations of commercial news providers."

Mr Newell went on to claim that the BBC's apps "would throw into serious doubt the commercial sector's ability to make a return on its investment and therefore its ability to support quality journalism".

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