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Extended battery arrives for HTC HD2

Extended battery arrives for HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 was impressive not just because its 4.3-inch screen put the competition to shame, but also because it was incredibly slim, although this looks set to change if you opt for the extended life battery add-on.

CoolSmartphones got hold of some real-life pictures of the new accessory, which is set to cost around £40 when it is launched.

After seeing some promising artistic impressions as to how the device would look a few weeks ago, the actual first impressions are not quite as positive.

The battery add-on still retains the built in kick-stand that was displayed in the early promotional material, but the unit is far fatter than was first suggested, making the HD2 look twice as thick and essentially adding what looks like an unwieldy hump on the back.

If you are willing to sacrifice the looks of the HD2 for improved battery life you will probably get several days' usage out of the juiced-up mobile thanks to the 2300 mAh capacity.

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