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Huawei announces Android smartphones

Huawei announces Android smartphones

Huawei is among the glut of manufacturers set to launch Android mobile phones at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona later this month.

The Huawei brand is not, as yet, particularly well established in the UK mobile market, although T-Mobile did use a Huawei product in the Pulse.

The Pulse was based on Android, so Huawei clearly has experience in working with the platform and it is performing well in the US market where it has been focusing its efforts.

Huawei has other devices up its sleeve, including a range of portable tablet PCs aimed at home users.

It also is expected to perform demonstrations of its LTE (long term evolution) mobile broadband networks at MWC 2010, which is exciting news for all mobile phone fans who are dissatisfied with their current download speeds over 3G.

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