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iPhone 4G images leaked

iPhone 4G images leaked

Pictures apparently showing the next-gen iPhone have appeared online, some five months before the phone is due for release.

During the launch of the iPad, when interest in Apple products had reached fever pitch, tech site Engadget published a snap online showing what appeared to be a pre-launch version of the iPhone 4G, in all its low-res blurry glory.

According to AppleInsider, this image, which had been touted as the iPhone 4G, has since been confirmed as verifiable and trustworthy, although the poor quality means that little can actually be gathered from studying it.

The emergence of the pictures is being treated by some as indicating the imminent arrival of the iPhone 4G, with a summer release date looking likely.

Speculation of this nature is based on the fact that it would be in Apple's interest to keep quiet about the iPhone 4G's development in order to avoid stealing attention from the launch of the iPad.

Consumers may otherwise shun its latest tablet offering in favour of waiting a couple of months for the powerful new iPhone.

Expect more rumours and speculation to appear over the coming months, with Apple keeping quiet right up until the actual launch date, whenever that may be.

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