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iPhone app developers flock to Macworld 2010

iPhone app developers flock to Macworld 2010

More than 100 of the best new applications and the development firms behind them will be represented at this year's Macworld conference, including TomTom, Square, Bing and many more.

According to organisers at IDG World Expo, the Macworld event will also play host to a series of seminars and training tutorials aimed at letting any attendees learn a little bit about how to design, develop and market their very own iPhone applications.

Macworld's Vice President (VP) Paul Kent said: "With the proliferation of available apps, competition for mind share and customers has become more intense, so we are excited to have added the Mobile Application Showcase to Macworld 2010 as the premier forum for app developers to engage with customers, press, other developers and potential investors.

"It's also the best place on the planet for consumers to get to test out apps and meet their creators."

Talks will cover various topics, including a day dedicated to getting under the skin of the iPhone and revealing how security and media management are handled.

The organisers hope that they will also be able to show that the iPhone is not an inaccessible platform by dissecting the many stages of app development that are involved.

Macworld 2010 kicked off yesterday in San Francisco and if you happen to be in the area you can register to attend via the Macworld website.

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