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  5. iPhone owners swamp Adobe with Flash requests

iPhone owners swamp Adobe with Flash requests

iPhone owners swamp Adobe with Flash requests

The relationship between Apple and Adobe is fraught to say the least. And it's not about to get any better, after new figures showed that seven million iPhone and iPod Touch users went to its website and attempted to download the Flash software to their Apple devices.

Apple has continued to exclude Flash compatibility from its phones and media players, with the launch of the iPad recently receiving heavy criticism from those who cannot conceive of Apple creating an internet tablet without enabling users to view Flash-based content online.

The number of Flash installation attempts by iPhone owners is on the rise according to Adobe, which said that in June 2009, three million download requests were logged.

Independent analysts have estimated that over 50 per cent of smartphones will have Flash compatibility by 2012, creating a dedicated user base of 250 million.

This figure will necessarily exclude any iPhone owners for as long as Apple refuses to add Adobe's products to its smartphones.

Some have suggested that Apple's exclusion of Flash could provide rivals with the perfect opportunity to win back more of the smartphone market, over which Apple has been a dominant force in recent years.

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