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iPhone Street Fighter IV on the way

iPhone Street Fighter IV on the way

Street Fighter IV is almost certainly heading to the iPhone, a report from a leading games site suggests.

According to IGN, a team of developers at Capcom has been working on bringing the game from the big screen to the portable platform for the last few months, with the finished article set for release in March.

Sources cited in the article revealed that the cartoony art style of the console original will be retained for the iPhone and that the animations of key fighters are also anticipated to remain intact.

So far it looks as though Ken and Ryu are set to make headline appearances in the line up of fighters for the iPhone iteration.

However, Capcom apparently also intends to bring a large number of famous characters across from other games in the long-running franchise.

To control fighters the iPhone user will rely on the touchscreen, although Capcom has apparently gone all out and included every button you would expect to find on the arcade version of the game.

A variety of gaming modes will be on offer, including training to help you familiarise yourself with the miniaturised controls, tournaments to blast through and even multiplayer, presumably using Bluetooth connectivity.

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