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iPhone LoveFilm App created

iPhone LoveFilm App created

LoveFilm subscribers with iPhones can now organise all their future rentals directly from their phone thanks to the new LoveFilm app.

The app is free of charge and you can be used to search the extensive catalogue of DVDs, high-definition Blu-Rays and games when out and about.

Rather than offering prosaic title listings, the app makes full descriptions of films available, complete with cast information.

LoveFilm's Simon Morris said: "As LoveFilm moves forward with continued growth of our online DVD business and the acceleration of streaming capabilities through Sony and Samsung's new internet-enabled TVs, it's also a great time to allow our customers mobile access via the iPhone."

You can download the app from the App Store whether you have a subscription to LoveFilm or not, but only those who are signed up for the service will be able to configure their rental list.

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