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  5. Majority of UK mobile users stay offline

Majority of UK mobile users stay offline

Majority of UK mobile users stay offline

Only 26 per cent of UK mobile phone customers have actually used their mobiles to hit the internet, a study from Essential Research has shown.

Experts believe that many are dissuaded from mobile internet access because 3G connections are not fast enough, the battery of their mobile will not last long enough and the cost of data charges is too high.

57 per cent of respondents who had managed to go online using their mobiles had been dissatisfied with the experience, claiming that the software is difficult to use and that mobile websites are unwieldy.

The survey also found that the majority of people are not aware that their mobiles could even take them online and 30 per cent showed little interest in doing so whether they could or not.

At the moment it appears that social networking websites are turning more people onto the power of mobile internet connectivity, but for those currently out of the loop the promise of live travel updates and online shopping deals are of greater importance.

Essential Research's Alex Charlton said: "There is a role for all of us to play in making the mobile internet a more attractive proposition to the mass market and the opportunity is massive."

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