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  5. Motorola Milestone lands on Top 10 Mobile Phones

Motorola Milestone lands on Top 10 Mobile Phones

Racking up sales of over 800,000 within a matter of weeks of its launch in the US, where it was dubbed the Droid, the Milestone smartphone is one of the key factors behind Android phones’ new found mass market popularity. And if you want proof, compare those numbers to the first iPhone, which took three months to hit 1.1 million sales.

Compare Motorola Milestone deals at Top10: Motorola Milestone

The Milestone had a transformational effect on the fortunes of its manufacturer too. So much so, that it singlehandedly put Motorola back in the smartphone race. Quite a feat, given how far it was perceived that Moto had fallen behind the likes of Apple.

motorola milestone

We’ve had the phone in the office for a while now, and it’s fair to say that we’re impressed. Not least with the build quality, massive processing power and quick and responsive user interface. And it’s impressively slim too, despite making room for a physical QWERTY keyboard.

For a full rundown of specs and features, check out dedicated Motorola Milestone Page: Motorola Milestone

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