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  5. MWC 2010: BlackBerry Enterprise Server now free

MWC 2010: BlackBerry Enterprise Server now free

MWC 2010: BlackBerry Enterprise Server now free

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) will be made available as a free download with the 'Express' suffix from March, Research in Motion has announced.

In a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress(MWC), The BlackBerry manufacturer's Chief Executive Officer Mike Lazaridis said that the move will enable small businesses to set up their own synchronisation server that will allow staff to use BlackBerrys and access their business email accounts via Microsoft Exchange.

Mr Lazaridis went on to promote further changes to the full version of BES, which will offer video conferencing and further social networking for business users in its next release.

An official announcement from RIM explained that by offering BES Express to small businesses for free it would be providing them with "enterprise-grade security and manageability".

BES Express will apparently be backwards compatible with many different versions of Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange and as such should be useful to a wide audience.

Also outlined in Mr Lazaridis' speech were a few details surrounding the upcoming version of the BlackBerry browser, which has apparently scored well in tests so far and should work much more efficiently than its predecessors.

RIM is working on what it refers to as 'super apps' according to Mr Lazaridis. These are essentially features that offer converged, cross-platform functionality, such as Twitter access integrated into an email inbox and a calendar that can keep up with any items that you may be bidding for on eBay.

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