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  5. MWC 2010: Nokia Ovi Store future outlined

MWC 2010: Nokia Ovi Store future outlined

MWC 2010: Nokia Ovi Store future outlined

Nokia is to launch a new tool intended to foster more support from applications developers for the Ovi Store, the Finnish giant's head of content and media has announced.

In an interview with Mobile Entertainment, Gerard Grech said the move would make it easier for mainstream firms to create their own Ovi apps based on a universal template.

The tool, which is called Ovi Apps Wizard, was described by Grech as "an opportunity for brands to be able to go in and make highly relevant localised content in a template-based form".

He added: "Companies out there may well not have the mobile expertise or the budget to develop really sexy apps, so our intention is to make sure we create as many easy-to-use tools to help any brand or business turn their service into an application."

Nokia's new strategy comes after the Ovi Store failed to garner the level of support among owners of Nokia smartphones that might have been expected in the months following its launch.

According to Mr Grech, however, this is changing month by month, with Nokia users now downloading more than one million apps daily.

Earlier reports had cited another Nokia executive who claimed that the Ovi Store 2.0 had been built from the ground up and that, while it would retain certain elements carried over from the original, these would eventually be phased out.

However, Mr Grech was rather more cagey about the potential for an update, saying that the current version of Ovi was now getting enough support to justify its continued use.

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