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MWC 2010: Samsung Halo unearthed

MWC 2010: Samsung Halo unearthed

Although Samsung has not officially announced the existence of the i8520 Halo, the new Android-based smartphone has been spotted in a list of upcoming devices made publicly available at MWC.

The Halo will run Android 2.1 and has a large 3.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen display to rival the Nexus One.

It will also have an eight megapixel camera and 16GB of onboard memory with the option to add more via a microSD memory card.

All of these technical specifications, whilst impressive, pale in comparison with its killer app; an integrated pico projector.

This will make it the world's first mobile to offer users the chance to view video on a projected screen and should get tech fans everywhere excited.

Experts believe that the Halo will implement Samsung's TouchWIZ 3D interface over the top of Android, although unlike the Samsung Wave it will not be using the internally produced Bada operating system.

The Samsung i8520 Halo is pencilled in for release in the Autumn of 2010, with both the European and Asian markets getting it first.

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