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New dictionary app from Nokia

New dictionary app from Nokia

Fans of cutting edge mobile applications would do well to keep an eye on Nokia Beta Labs, which has just come out with its latest big idea in the form of the Nokia Custom Dictionary.

The app is essentially an advanced version of the standard dictionaries that the majority of modern phones possess in order to facilitate predictive texting and spelling corrections in messages.

You can also add words to the dictionary, edit existing words and delete entries that you no longer need.

Perhaps the best aspect of the Nokia Custom Dictionary is that when you upgrade your phone, you can transfer your modified dictionary from your old handset, which will save you a lot of time and effort that would otherwise have been consumed in updating the predictive text list.

The Nokia Custom Dictionary app is available to download now and should work on Nokia smartphones with the 3rd or 5th editions of the Symbian S60 operating system.

Because the app is currently in development, you may find it is not compatible with all current Nokia mobiles. There are known issues with the N97 and its variants at this time.

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