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  5. Nokia: 1 million downloads of new Ovi Maps

Nokia: 1 million downloads of new Ovi Maps

Nokia: 1 million downloads of new Ovi Maps

A million Nokia customers have headed to the Ovi Store and downloaded the new Ovi Maps within the first week of its availability, according to the Finnish mobile phone giant.

The free app is being downloaded by someone new around the world every second, according to recently released figures from the world's largest mobile manufacturer.

Owners of the popular 5800 XpressMusic handset have been the most prolific downloaders of the new application, followed closely by those with an N97 Mini and an E72.

The original N97 is fifth in the charts for Ovi Maps downloads at the moment, although it has only recently been provided with support for the service.

Nokia's Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki said: "This is great news for our third-party application developers.

"Within a matter of days there is an installed base of more than 1 million active users all potentially hungry for new and innovative location-aware apps."

Many of Nokia's rivals were surprised and perturbed when it announced it would be offering a free navigation tool for pedestrians and drivers. In light of the figures for take-up, it seems they're as well to be worried.

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