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  5. Rumours of new BlackBerry OS intensify

Rumours of new BlackBerry OS intensify

Rumours of new BlackBerry OS intensify

The next version of the BlackBerry OS is slated for launch in the next few months, unnamed sources at manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) have told financial insider website The Street.

Having failed to impress with its two touchscreen smartphones thus far, the sources said that the next BlackBerry OS will be far more suited to fingertip controls and mobile internet connectivity.

RIM is still considered to be one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the US, but with competition from the iPhone and a range of Android-based alternatives eating into its market share, some industry experts have suggested that RIM is struggling to stay relevant.

Rumours suggest that when RIM eventually reveals the next BlackBerry, it will not be an all-touchscreen device such as the Storm and Storm 2 but will be a hybrid that has echoes of the Bold, with a physical QWERTY keypad complemented by a touchscreen interface.

Since the sources are not specifically identified, this news of a spring launch could just be wishful thinking on the part of BlackBerry fans, but there is little doubt that RIM is working on something big.

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