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  5. SIM-sized card holds Android and more

SIM-sized card holds Android and more

SIM-sized card holds Android and more

SK Telecom showcased a brand new, tiny SIM card-style device at the Mobile World Conference that contains everything from a processor, storage space and the Android operating system.

With 1GB of memory, the device is intended to ease the strain of storage and processing on the host smartphone's own hardware.

SK Telecom intends to allow users to swap out the SIM devices when an upgrade is due, or when they need to move between different environments, for example work and play.

For the time being, the new SIM technology is nothing more than an advanced prototype, promising much but offering little in the short term for UK customers.

It is likely to make an appearance in a few select markets to see whether it is commercially viable, before becoming more widely available a few years down the line.

The idea of hot-swappable SIM cards complete with operating systems is likely to appeal to business users and frequent travellers far more than to the general public, although the existence of the prototype could mean that different applications will be found before it comes to market.

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