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  5. Support line for Google Nexus One opens

Support line for Google Nexus One opens

Support line for Google Nexus One opens

The brave new sales model that Google has been following with the Nexus One has left some customers wondering who they should call in the event of an error and this conundrum has now been resolved thanks to the creation of a dedicated helpline.

Until now, Nexus One users would be referred either to HTC, which manufactures the Nexus One for Google, or to T-Mobile, which acts as the partner operator in the USA. However, this could lead to a vicious circle of queuing and confusion for the consumer.

By calling 888 48 63987 Nexus One owners will now be able to talk directly with a Google customer services representative to address any technical questions.

Google has not been known to offer telephone support for its various other products, although it is clearly being forced to evolve as a result of having its brand stamped all over an identifiable mobile phone.

A Google spokesperson told Techcrunch: "Our approach with our new consumer channel is to learn fast and continue to improve and we have, therefore, also been developing our capabilities to provide a number from Google."

However, the spokesperson also wanted to make clear that the best way of getting customer support would be via the online service, which it claims to have optimised.

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