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Top 10 iPhone apps for business users

1 LinkedIn

linked in

LinkedIn is a social networking service built specifically to make it easier for business professionals to connect and interact with each other.

Why bother with creased business cards and resumes when you can add each other on the spot? With LinkedIn you can look up details of over 55 million professionals worldwide, stay current with your network, exchange messages and participate in chatter far beyond the formalities of networking events.

LinkedIn iTunes Preview

2 Quickoffice Mobile Suite


The iPhone and Microsoft Office documents don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Although you can view email attachments of Word documents, there is no way to edit them or create your own.

Quickoffice Mobile Suite solves that problem by allowing you to view, create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on-the-move and then easily transfer them over Wi-Fi or send by email.

Quickoffice Mobile Suite iTunes Preview

3 FlightTrack Pro

flight track

Looking up constantly changing flight statuses can be quite a pain in the rear if you have to make regular business trips by air. FlightTrack Pro lets you check real-time flight itinerary updates directly from your iPhone without leaving your seat.

You can add multiple trips, look up alternate flights and even view a live map of your flight route with weather information of your current location and destination. This is a must-have travel companion for frequent fliers.

FlightTrack Pro iTunes Preview

4 Bloomberg

bloomberg iphone

Bloomberg provides you with the latest information about the world’s financial markets. Stay up-to-date with breaking news, stock prices and quotes accompanied by interactive charts of market trends in numerous timelines. Additionally, you can add and keep track your own stock portfolio and view industrial averages such as the Dow Jones or NASDAQ in table or chart format.

Bloomberg iTunes Preview

5 Pocket Informant

pocket informant

The stock Calendar app on the iPhone leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to managing of schedules and task lists for business users. Pocket Informant changes that with multiple calendaring and GTD-based task management options integrated into a unified and easy-to-use interface.

There is an abundance of features to choose from, too. These include full search of contacts, calendars and task items, as well as multiple calendar views, filtering options, task grouping, synchronisation with Google, Toodledo, Outlook and many more.

Pocket Informant iTunes Preview

6 Xe

xe iphone

Xe lets you check the latest, most accurate market rates for over 180 currencies, as well as precious metals such as gold and silver. You can easily convert currencies and personalise a list of up to ten currencies in any order.

All latest rates are automatically stored for offline use and a quick shake of the iPhone will reset the rates, making this a must-have app whether you are just travelling or have business involving multiple currencies.

Xe iTunes Preview

7 iXpenslt


iXpenslt is a feature-packed personal finance manager for your iPhone that helps you keep track of your business and personal expenses with consummate ease. It offers a number of useful features including visual indicator of monthly budget vs expenses, multiple expenses summary, repeat expenses, digital photo receipts and instant graphical reports to just name a few. All financial data can be password protected, with the option to import/export them in.

Plus there's CVS and HTML via email and Wi-Fi, with photo receipt attachments for faster reimbursements. Quite simply, this is an invaluable tool to help you stay on top of your expenditure.

iXpensIt iTunes Preview

8 Analytics App


Analytics App for the iPhone provides online entrepreneurs with the latest Google Analytics data right at their fingertips. It supports multiple logins and accounts and provides up to 55 reports with multiple metrics for most reports. Plus it has very intuitive interface, a dashboard report for overview and customisable data range to view data from a specific time period.

With the web playing an ever more important role in business, this is an indispensable tool to help you monitor every aspect of your site’s performance wherever you go.

mysite iTunes Preview

9 WifiTrak

wifi track

Data roaming while travelling abroad can be both expensive and frustrating. WifiTrak helps you avoid the unnecessary costs and spotty 3G coverage of international roaming altogether.

It can automatically scan and connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots that the native Wi-Fi feature on your iPhone may not even be able to detect, and offers a number of advanced settings to connect you with the most optimal wireless networks available.

WifiTrak iTunes Preview

10 Evernote


Evernote lets you capture and organise your thoughts and ideas in one place so you never lose that moment of inspiration. It utilises iPhone’s voice recording functionality to record voice memos and the camera to take snapshots of anything that you might want to remember. The best part, however, is how effortlessly your notes are synchronised with Evernote’s online server as well its Mac and PC clients. This is a very handy app for the creative business minds out there.

Evernote iTunes Preview

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