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Top Trumps hits iPhone

Top Trumps hits iPhone

Top Trumps is a card game with which every schoolchild or former pupil will be familiar and now you can get the same experience on your iPhone.

Currently, the only set of virtual cards available is branded with the Ben 10 characters and will set you back £1.79 for a pack of 30.

It looks as though you will have to wait if you are hoping for supercars or Dr Who Top Trumps to become available, but with the groundwork established there is no reason that other versions of the mobile game will not be forthcoming.

The physical set of Ben 10 Top Trumps have sold over half a million units in the UK, so there is obviously a market for them out there.

The Top Trumps app has been developed by the same team at Acrossair who also brought you the app, as well as the Nearest Tube locator.

Players also have the option to play solo against the computer, as well indulge in multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth, although this will of course require that both parties own the app.

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