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  5. Vodafone offers fastest iPhone downloads

Vodafone offers fastest iPhone downloads

Vodafone offers fastest iPhone downloads

iPhone owners signed up to a Vodafone contract are likely to receive the fastest download speeds and consequently the best web browsing experience on their mobile phones, studies have shown.

Tech site Pocket Lint conducted tests based upon iPhone access speeds in and around London. Speed Check went one step further and came up with a range of statistics taken from users nationwide who had downloaded its application from the App Store and checked their own connection speeds.

The results show that Vodafone is currently in the lead in the mobile internet speed stakes, with O2 in second place and Orange trailing behind in third.

Consumers with hacked iPhones running on 3's networks have also been subjected to the Speed Check test and in a result that may surprise many, it was found that 3 would beat both O2 and Orange in terms of download speed if it was to officially stock the iPhone.

In spite of having the highest maximum download speed, Vodafone did not fare so well when speeds were averaged out and dropped to third place behind O2 and Orange.

Meanwhile, if 3 was included in the list it would actually come out on top with the best average download speeds of the lot.

If you are interested in how well your provider's network is performing, you can download the free Speed Check app for your iPhone and check various tasks to see how well they perform in real life.

Overall, when the various methods of ranking are considered, Pocket Lint said that O2 was the network with the most consistent download speeds and accessible network, which perhaps is partly due to the fact that O2 had exclusive rights to the iPhone for an extended period.

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